Welcome! I'm Brian Kerr. At Different Chairs, I create web-based products that help my clients get their work done with a smile. Read about my services or contact me directly.

What's new?

February 25, 02014 South Sound Lean Coffee, starting March 6

January 31, 02014 Liana's Paper Dolls: new site, presentation

December 16, 02013 Retained by Koné Consulting for an internal project

October 29, 02013 Internet2 Installs a New Front Door

October 1, 02013 Find me at InfoCamp and ProductCamp

September 30, 02013 Problems and solutions

September 11, 02013 Retained by Apperies to maintain its web-based community products

September 7, 02013 Djootstrap, a small set of templates for the Django CMS using Bootstrap 3

September 6, 02013 Djeleton, a minimal starting point for a Django project using the Django CMS

August 10, 02013 We're making a paperdoll dress-up game

How I can help you?

I can develop your web application from start to finish, or integrate into a team. I deliver robust experiences, and make them better by contributing to planning and design before launch, and by making ongoing improvements afterwards. I focus on products that solve interesting problems and deliver real value. Let's get specific.

Who have I worked with?

I've consulted with clients large and small in a variety of industries, including broadcast and news media, startups, higher education, and the nonprofit sector (nonprofits, foundations, and MSOs).

I'll let one recent client describe our experience. Doug Howell, Web Communications Manager at Internet2, said:

"Brian worked with us very closely on our latest web redesign project. The site is being built with the Django CMS on top of the Django framework, and Brian's experience has helped us from beginning to end. Even before the beginning of the project proper, he advised us on how the system could meet our requirements, and exactly what we could expect. From that point on, he's worked with us every step of the way, not only helping us configure the system for future as well as current needs, but rolling up his sleeves and working alongside our developers to create the code we needed. Brian is a professional of the highest order, and beyond that, a great colleague that communicates well and is really easy to work with."

Read more: my portfolio, some background information.